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New TEACHING! A topic like you have never heard it before!


Have you ever felt like you were wandering through religious rites, denominations, or even fellowships without actually understanding your walk?

Perhaps you have felt a yearning for “something more” within your church-based faith, but every time you attempt to find this “more” you are hit with a brick wall.

This is exactly what we went through. Sitting in church, wondering “is this really it?” There has to be something more. Well, Founded in Truth is the result of that yearning.

We are not your typical “Sunday church”

In fact, we don’t even meet on Sundays. We choose to study scripture with the added context of ancient understanding and with the understanding, that our God declares that He, along with His promises, do NOT change. (Mal 3:6)

With this understanding, we re-explore the scriptures through the light of a Hebrew understanding and pursue the promises, covenants, and relationship with our God through His son, Yeshua (you may know him as Jesus).

If you are wanting to study, worship, and view scripture in light of Hebrew roots, contexts, idioms, and parables, please join us! We would love to fellowship with you!


Founded in Truth - A Hebrew Roots Family Fellowship

Matthew Vander Els
Pastor and Director of Founded in Truth

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